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Swimming Pools

Swimming pools are available in any shape and size, they are designed and built on site to the exact design specifications agreed.

Option 1 is a ‘Freeboard’ finish. This is where the water finish is around 120mm-150mm lower than the surrounding floor, this is the most cost effective design style for customers looking for classic, but modern design.

Option 2 is a ‘Deck Level’ finish. This is were the water is level with the surrounding floor and overflows into a bespoke tile or specific grating. This is a general requirement for a heavier use commercial pool but is also selected on many luxury domestic pools too.

Option 3 is an ‘Infinity Pool’ finish. This is where the water overflows the top edge of the pool and drops into a balance tank. The infinity edge is usually on one side but is popular up to four sides if lifted out of the ground slightly.

Pool design can also feature a mix of all those types of finishes, dependent on design and shape, these options would be discussed at design stage with the rest of the site taken into account.

Our pools are either tiled or finished with a site lining. There are endless options for tile choices, colours, and formats, all of which can dramatically change the look of a pool. Thankfully, our team has a lot of experience using various finishes and colours, and we have a huge library full of images to refer to.

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