Worsley, Manchester


Mowbray, Worsley


This was a refurbishment of an old and tired pool which had become too costly to run.

The pool is a mixture of deck level and freeboard designs built in an extremely bespoke design.

The first part of the project was reducing the depth of the pool at one end from an unsociable 2.4m to 1.2m throughout. The pool was fully tanked and retiled in a stunning, dark, iridescent tile. The overflow channel tile was completely bespoke and water cut to match the design of the surrounding floor whilst also talking the water away sufficiently.

There was also a dated hot tub to remove to make more seating space within the room. All internal fittings within the pool were changed including the 300w halogen wall lights, these were replaced by up to date LED bulbs.

Within the plant room, the filter pump and filter media were changed, an automatic chemical dosing system was installed alongside a Heatsavr liquid pool cover. The air handling system had been in for over 30 years and was upgraded to bespoke Recotherm unit which had to be installed in-situ due to the access restrictions.

All floor and ceiling grilles within the room were renewed including dampers for full control of the airflow.

Along with the pool, we installed a new and bespoke Sauna in place of an old acrylic steam room which was no longer in use. We installed a lovely, fresh, clean Sauna with floating benches, hidden LED lighting and a glass entrance door.

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