West Kirby, Wirral


West Kirby, Wirral


This was a project that evolved over several years of maintenance provided on a much older pool.

Whilst the pool was still in use, we were commissioned to design a Sauna and Steam Room into a storage room that was not used within the lower ground floor of the house.

The clients had been told by other companies it wasn’t possible to fit both rooms into one space and they had to choose just one. We proposed a design and were appointed to manufacture and install the rooms required. We were given free reign by the clients and included some very bespoke features within the rooms, these were to either hide existing services that couldn’t be moved or to enhance the look and feel of the rooms.

The Steam room has curved and seating with a detailed niche to the corner of the room. There was hidden lighting to the rear and underside of the seating and a barreled ceiling to finish off the room and increase the feel of space in the room. The Sauna was fitted with a salt wall to the rear which also included for hidden RGBW lighting which was controlled via. a remote control.

The stove within the room was a ‘Combi’ stove, this allows the users to increase humidity in the room whilst reducing the temperature to something more comfortable for longer periods of time.

The second part of this project was a major refurbishment of the whole pool area located externally and away from the main house. The pool underwent major structural changes to house a hidden Fastlane counter current Endless pool system at one end, whilst the other end had a void created for an automatic slatted pool cover and beached area for the younger children.

Within the pool, all fittings inside the shell were changed and all pipework back to the plant room was renewed. The lighting within the pool was changed to RGBW lights switched from a remote and a control panel, these lights completely transform the pool.

The pool itself is finished with an onsite welded liner in a marble effect white with grey veins running through it. The top edge coping stones are resin joined together and go down to 2mm below the surface of the water; this is to ensure there are no visible changes of materials above the water line. This is something that looks fantastic.

At the end of the pool and designed into the space above the Endless Pool, we have installed a hidden water blade which is activated using a local piezo button.

As part of our package, we installed a 2.2m x 2.2m external spa which used for 12 months of the year, due to the access restrictions, this Spa had to be craned directly over the house as a fully finished product.

The filtration for the Pool is via. a Dryden Aqua Daisy+ system that is designed to run the pool on minimal chlorine. The system is also extremely intuitive and runs on a variable speed pump as well as items such as automatic backwashing.

A final element of our works was the design, manufacture and installation of bespoke and heating tiled seating; the clients came to our factory during production to make sure they were happy with everything before the product was then delivered and tiled.

The entire area around the pool is just superb and a real credit to the eye of the clients in knowing what they wanted and how it was all going to work.

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