Thurstaston, Wirral


Thurstaston, Wirral


This was a private project for a local developer who was building a new super home.

The pool building is detached from the house due to planning constraints on this sensitive plot of land.

The project includes a 10.0m x 5.0m Pool, bespoke Vitality Spa, automatic cover, EVAstream Pro counter current swim system, automatic chemical dosing systems, colour changing LED pool and spa lights and a full air handling system. The position of the pool gives superb views across to Wales and as such, the Spa position was raised above finished floor level to fully take in these breathtaking views.

The Evastream counter current is controlled via. deck mounted piezo buttons and can also be controlled via. an app on a tablet or phone.

The pool, spa and air handling system are all heated independently by super-efficient Samsung air source heat pumps which can heat to full capacity 12 months of the year.

To accompany the pool, there is a home gym, waterproof TV, WC, shower, changing room and kitchenette. This makes this building fully self sufficient from the main house.

The Pool and Spa are finished with a stunning iridescent tile in Ocean blue.

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