Heswall, Wirral




This pool was installed at a recently refurbished and modernised house on the Wirral.

Located within the balcony of the property, the pool was accessed directly from the main living space of the house with stunning views across to Wales.

As the house was built and the balcony was in place, the project was most suited to a one-piece Niveko Polystone Pool.

Access was very difficult due to the narrow driveway and the need to lift the pool up over a wall, to upper ground level. The delivery vehicle had to be parked on a neighboring property whilst a specialist crane was used to maneuver the pool into place. Once in position, we could start the filling the pool along with the concrete backfill.

The plant room was installed within 2 days and the pool was switched on to commence heating.

The pool arrived with a hidden automatic cover, underwater lights and slimline wall fittings.

The pool is heated using an air source heat pump through the outdoor season.

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