Caldy, Wirral




An existing indoor pool that was refurbished back to its former glory.

The finish of the pool was changed from a one piece liner to an on-site welded liner, the automatic cover was renewed along with the full filtration system, internals of the pool shell and upgrade of pool lights from halogen to LED.

Along with the pool refurbishment, we replaced the old Calorex unit with a modern Recotherm unit that boasts some of the best running costs available in the industry. This completely changed the whole environment in the room and made it so much more enjoyable to be in whether you were bathing or just watching on.

In addition to the Pool and Air handling, we install a bespoke, octagonal tile Spa adjacent to the pool. The Spa was raised slightly out of the ground with the surrounds built and tiled to match the internals of the Spa.

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